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Not just anyone has the ability to dig wells. Well drilling is a process that needs to ensure that the wells are properly secure, safe, and efficient.  The Ministry of Environment requires that anyone participating in water well drilling, well digging, pump installations, upgrading wells has the adequate licensing to perform the job.

Here at JR’s Well Drilling we are licensed by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment your worries are over. We serve the Muskoka, Huntsville and surrounding areas and are experts in our field.

A contractor’s license is essential to accomplish any job pertaining to well digging.  The contractors license is not only a guarantee to the consumer that the well driller knows what he is doing but is protection to the customer that the contractor has the adequate insurance if something was to go wrong.

Some Information You Should Know Before Making Your Investment…

  • A well driller requires a technician’s class 1 license
  • To install a pump a technician requires a class 4 license
  • Technician’s are required by law to take upgrading courses to keep their licenses current


Please make sure you have the right person for the job!

If you have any questions or concerns on drilling new wells, drilling old wells, well abandonment or maintenance please call us today. Serving Muskoka, Huntsville and surrounding areas.