Well Drilling

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An Abundance of Fresh Water Is Only A Drill Away

The best of natures brew is right under our feet.  Literally a great amount of the freshest, purest flawless water right beneath our feet.  The water beneath us is the best that money has to buy.  It is the safest, healthiest as it is protected by the ground above it.  It is less likely to be polluted in anyway. Well drilling is your best solution in Muskoka, Huntsville, Gravenhurst, Orillia, Kawartha Lakes, Parry Sound, North Bay and surrounding areas.

Our environmental conditions are always changing and as a result the quality and volume of our water supply underground tends to change and dissipate in some cases.  There is no well that JR’s Well Drilling is not willing or capable of to investigate and either fortify and upgrade to ensure that the result is fresh flowing water.

With a well drilled and constructed by the most knowledgeable companies there is no hesitation that drilling a well is the best decision, choice and investment to make.  There will be no doubts that the water that enters your home is at its purest form.  JR’s Well Drilling supplies you with the most extensive up to date technology and most expertise knowledge in all your well drilling needs in Muskoka and in Hunstville.  The end result is ALWAYS clean, fresh, flowing water.

The release from a drilled well is determined by the amount and stature of the fractures beneath the ground.  Including the accessible area from the aquifers that are available.  All this knowledge comes into play in determining the most cost effective method in well drilling.

JR’s Well Drilling Company does a thorough investigation to see what needs to be done.  And what the  best recommendations would be and of course the most cost effective method for immediate savings and for down the road in the unforeseen future.  JR’s Well Drilling will ensure proper water flow and the best quality from existing wells.


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  • New well drilling
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If you have any questions or concerns on drilling new wells, drilling old wells, well abandonment or maintenance please call us today. Serving Muskoka, Huntsville and surrounding areas.