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Imagine in the middle of a shower, a load of laundry, watering your garden or in the middle of washing your dirty dishes your water flow just suddenly stops.  Just like that free- flowing water GONE!  It’s hard to imagine, but it happens every day.  This is what happens if your well runs out of water or becomes congested or blocked in some way.

What is hydrofracking you ask??  Hydrofracking is short for hydraulic fracturing.  It is a technique that is used in well drilling to stimulate a well that has dried up.  The ground is fractured by a pressurized liquid.  The purpose of fracking is to create fissures in the underground rock formations.  Thereby increasing the flow of water.  Most fracking is often used in new well drilling.  However, it is not uncommon to be used as an “alarm clock”, to wake up existing wells.

What was originally designed for the oil and gas industries has become the new “rocket scientist technology” approach to the water well drilling industry.  It involves injecting highly pressurized water into your well to open congested seams or break open new ones to tap into and connect them to the aquifer. This procedure is proven to widen existing fractures in the ground and/or extend them further.  By doing so it enlarges the network of fresh, clean water supply to the well.

This method of stimulation to the existing dried wells is the most cost effective way to increase the volume of existing wells that are dealing with insufficient amounts of water due to simple reasons of incrustation or mineralization of bedrock fractures existing.  Let JR’s Well Drilling use this very reliable method to “wake up” your well and resume perfect water flow.

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