When it comes down to abandoned wells they need to be taken care of very diligently.  If not taken care of by the proper people, the end result could be disastrous.  Well abandonment needs to be done by a suitable candidate who is licensed by the Ministry of Environment.  The job of well abandonment has to be done very carefully.  If not done diligently you could possibly damage aquifers.  Also when abandoning a well if not done in the proper conduct contamination of water is possible and that could lead to a very bad outcome.

The best of natures brew is right under our feet.  Literally a great amount of the freshest, purest flawless water right beneath our feet.  The water beneath us is the best that money has to buy.  It is the safest, healthiest as it is protected by the ground above it.  It is less likely to be polluted in anyway. Well drilling is your best solution in Muskoka, Huntsville, Gravenhurst, Orillia, Kawartha Lakes, Parry Sound, North Bay and surrounding areas.

Our environmental conditions are always changing and as a result the quality and volume of our water supply underground tends to change and dissipate in some cases.  There is no well that JR’s Well Drilling is not willing or capable of to investigate and either fortify and upgrade to ensure that the result is fresh flowing water.

With a well drilled and constructed by the most knowledgeable companies there is no hesitation that drilling a well is the best decision, choice and investment to make.  There will be no doubts that the water that enters your home is at its purest form.  JR’s Well Drilling supplies you with the most extensive up to date technology and most expertise knowledge in all your well drilling needs in Muskoka and in Hunstville.  The end result is ALWAYS clean, fresh, flowing water.
The release from a drilled well is determined by the amount and stature of the fractures beneath the ground.  Including the accessible area from the aquifers that are available.  All this knowledge comes into play in determining the most cost effective method in well drilling.
JR’s Well Drilling Company does a thorough investigation to see what needs to be done.  And what the  best recommendations would be and of course the most cost effective method for immediate savings and for down the road in the unforeseen future.  JR’s Well Drilling will ensure proper water flow and the best quality from existing wells.

Imagine in the middle of a shower, a load of laundry, watering your garden or in the middle of washing your dirty dishes your water flow just suddenly stops.  Just like that free- flowing water GONE!  It’s hard to imagine, but it happens every day.  This is what happens if your well runs out of water or becomes congested or blocked in some way.

What is hydrofracking you ask??  Hydrofracking is short for hydraulic fracturing.  It is a technique that is used in well drilling to stimulate a well that has dried up.  The ground is fractured by a pressurized liquid.  The purpose of fracking is to create fissures in the underground rock formations.  Thereby increasing the flow of water.  Most fracking is often used in new well drilling.  However, it is not uncommon to be used as an “alarm clock”, to wake up existing wells.

What was originally designed for the oil and gas industries has become the new “rocket scientist technology” approach to the water well drilling industry.  It involves injecting highly pressurized water into your well to open congested seams or break open new ones to tap into and connect them to the aquifer. This procedure is proven to widen existing fractures in the ground and/or extend them further.  By doing so it enlarges the network of fresh, clean water supply to the well.
This method of stimulation to the existing dried wells is the most cost-effective way to increase the volume of existing wells that are dealing with insufficient amounts of water due to simple reasons for incrustation or mineralization of bedrock fractures existing.  Let JR’s Well Drilling use this very reliable method to “wake up” your well and resume perfect water flow.

Call us today for a free consult to see if Hydrofracking could be the best method to wake up your sleeping well. If you have any questions or concerns about drilling new wells, drilling old wells, well abandonment or maintenance please call us today. Serving Muskoka, Huntsville, and surrounding areas.

Not just anyone has the ability to dig wells. Well drilling is a process thant needs to ensure that the wells are properly secure, safe, and efficient.  The Ministry of Environment requires that anyone participating in water well drilling, well digging, pump installations, upgrading wells has the adequate licensing to perform the job.

Here at JR’s Well Drilling we are licensed by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment your worries are over. We serve the Muskoka, Huntsville and surrounding areas and are experts in our field.

A contractor’s license is essential to accomplish any job pertaining to well digging.  The contractors license is not only a guarantee to the consumer that the well driller knows what he is doing but is protection to the customer that the contractor has the adequate insurance if something was to go wrong.

Some Information You Should Know Before Making Your Investment…

  • A well driller requires a technician’s class 1 license
  • To install a pump a technician requires a class 4 license
  • Technician’s are required by law to take upgrading courses to keep their licenses current
  • Please make sure you have the right person for the job!

If you have any questions or concerns on drilling new wells, drilling old wells, well abandonment or maintenance please call us today.

Serving Muskoka, Huntsville, and surrounding areas.

The water that is drawn up from wells is known to be full of minerals.  More so then the surface water.  You may need treatment to soften your water and get rid of some of the overloading minerals that make the water HARD. Minerals like manganese and iron.  This can easily be taken care of with JR’s Well Drillin.  We will find the best cost-effective solution to help out this situation of hard water.  Who doesn’t want to save money and have water at its finest form.  Here at JR’s Well and Drilling we have a full inventory of different products to ensure that your water quality is ALWAYS at its best.  Because making sure our customer has water that is the cleanest and safest to give to their family is one of our priorities.


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